Construction sector to remain positive in Dubai, executives say

Dubai: MAPEI, the privately owned Italian construction chemicals, yesterday inaugurated its expanded facilities in Dubai.

The company is hoping to increase its market share with an additional 5,200 square metres to its facility, through producing new lines and offering more space for storage and exports, said Stefano Iannacone, Director of MAPEI for Middle East and East Africa region.

“We have reached the point where the product portfolio that were manufactured here, we have reached the ceiling in the market share. In order to grow, we have to come with products that are not sold by MAPEI before, although present in our range globally, were not sold in Dubai, in the UAE or wider GCC. So this will give us an opportunity to grow even faster,” said Iannacone in an interview with Gulf News on the sideline of the inauguration at the company’s site in the Industrial Park.

According to the Italian executive, the need for construction chemicals continues despite any concerns over a slowdown in the sector.