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Welcome to M AL ALI AUDITING; Experts in auditing services; we constitute a long team of auditing experts and professionals who are in the same field while serving the World from the last several successful years. Auditing is a concept of assisting and makes the companies familiar about how best they can focus on varied segments of capital management, internal auditing, accounting assistance, ISO certification services, finance and control management, stock audit and many more. We are expert in providing complete solutions to your esteem company from all possible segments that helps you in updating your company's value and support you while achieving the business goals that are consistent with your company objectives that are also compatible with national and international legal regulations as well.

Established in 2010, with remarkable Audit & Business consultancy services in UAE & India with different types of auditing including statutory audit, stock audit and internal audit. Credible, loyal, reliable and precisely are the values that have made long term strong relations with our clients and consultants.

Our Expertise: Practice Areas

Our expertise team of consultants is well versed with how to analyses the needs of one business and what make it authentic and nurture. We are perfect in designing the corporate guidelines and implement the policies on the above matters in order to achieve the great heights of success on the behalf of our clients. We too offer company incorporate services while preparing and submitting all legal documents and forums to the concern authorities. Besides these; we also assist in project reporting in varied business environment.

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Why People Choose Us

Easy to Talk

We are people’s people; easy to approach, friendly and easy to do business with.

On time Delivery

We understand the value of our customer time and thus, always dedicated to deliver the qualitative services on time.

High customer Satisfaction

The Huge Satisfaction level of our clients speaks volume about the quality of services rendered by our team. Our team’s passion in giving our client an unprecedented experience of working with us can easily be seen by our client’s growth and satisfaction.

Round the clock

Our Team of Accountants has so much passion to serve and flexible enough to support the client even at the odd hours of the day, thus, we are available round the clock to assist our client.

Qualitative Performance

The quality of our work speaks the volume of our dexterity. By Associating with our team of professionals, our client can get the account related work done by an expert and they can easily focus on other aspect of their business without worrying about the quality of the accounting work.

Our Best Services

VAT Services

At M AL ALI AUDITING, we are continuously looking for avenues to assimilate value added knowledge

Audit and Assurance

Under the audit and assurance our major role is to held with internal and management auditing along with assisting in preparing of.

Accounting Services

Welcome to the accounting cell of M Al Ali Auditing that serves you with the best of accounting services for all types of businesses.

Company Formation

As we all know, company is a group of people that decide to carry same business under an agreed manner. There are different forms.

Financial Management Consultancy

Finance is the basic need of every business that used to buzz over the corporate tasks and business activities. Whether it is small.

Business Valuation

In every stage of business it is very essential to have accurate and exact business valuation in order to plan accordingly.

Project Report and Feasibility Study

Carrying a business in this highly rigorous corporate world plan with due care in respect of investment. Growth of business.

ISO Certification

ISO - International Standardized Organization that offer the label of standard and quality to the respective companies. There are varied rules.


Professional, Auditor & Business Advisors

Thus, if you are looking for auditing experts or professionals who can make business strategies in respect of accounting management, financial analysis, finance control, business valuation and for ISO concepts can contact us at



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M Al Ali Auditing : Audit & Business Consultancy Services in UAE & India

Our Experts Team

Mahesh kumar Goyal
Chartered Accountant (EX)

Mr. Mahesh Kumar being as an expert of auditing & taxation consultant. Read More

Email: auditing@consultmaaa.com
Mr. Ahmed Yousif Ali Ramadhan
CEO Founder

Mr. Ahmed who is a founder member having 18 years of worthy experience Read More

Email: ahmed@malaliauditing.com
Munish Goyal
C.A., C.S. & CWA

Munish Goyal, who plays a vital role as a managing partner in M Al Ali Auditing Read More

Email: mg@malaliauditing.com
Poojan Mahesh Kumar
Chartered Accountant

Poojan Mahesh Kumar plays a key role as managing partner and a qualified Read More

Email: poojan@consultsmga.com

News and Updates

Abu Dhabi waives new licence fees, cuts business setup charges at airports free zone

Dubai: The Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone (ADAFZ) has reduced the fees associated with setting up a business by more than 65 per cent.

In a move that could ease the cost of doing business in the UAE, the authority said it is also waiving all licence fees for new companies.

Aside from reducing setup costs and waiving fees, companies in the free zone will also benefit from tax exemptions.

“ADAFZ has received a Tawtheeq registration exemption as well as an exclusion of VAT in designated zones across its properties for its customers. It is equally enhancing its processes to reduce the registration time, enabling clients to set up at its facilities at minimal time and cost,” the free zone authority said.

This is the latest in a series of government initiatives that are geared towards helping companies cope with high costs amid challenging conditions, and enhance economic growth.


  • Ankit Sharma
  • |
  • 14/Mar/2019
Shorter payment cycle for SMEs expected to boost economic activity

Dubai: The Government of Dubai’s plans to shorten payment cycles to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will help boost the liquidity and economic activity in the emirate, according to industry representatives and bankers.

Dubai plans to expedite government payments to small and medium-sized companies. The government will pay SMEs within 30 days instead of 90 days, according WAM news agency.

According to the report, this measure is expected to result in Dh1.6 billion ($435 million) of additional liquidity to the companies. “Cash flow shortages, tighter liquidity and difficult credit conditions have been major hurdles for SMEs in recent years. Any efforts to reduce the credit period of government contracts will substantially reduce the cash crunch,” said Shailesh Dash, Founder and Board Member of Al Masah Capital.

Banking sector credit to SMEs in the UAE have been on a tightening cycle from the second half of 2015, following a significant rise in non-performing loans (NPLs). The excessive leverage combined with a breakdown in payment cycles led to a number of small business owners skipping their loan payments resulting in a big surge in NPLs for banks for banks during the past three years.

“In response to rising loan impairments, many banks have tightened their credit standards and or increased the interest rates significantly in recent years, making access to funds difficult for these banks. While many banks were forced to deleverage and restructure their balance sheets, some are still struggling with legacy NPLs from their SME portfolios,” said the SME head of a local bank.



  • Ankit Sharma
  • |
  • 07/Mar/2019
Dubai rolls out 5 new initiatives to boost business

The Government of Dubai's Department of Finance (DOF) has launched a second package of economic growth initiatives aimed at enriching the emirate's economic incentive package as part of the government's response to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The leadership directives to the government focused on simplifying the procedures of conducting business and reduce the costs for companies by harnessing all the possible resources, in order to facilitate the economic accomplishments.

"The new initiatives package includes five initiatives to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public-private partnership (PPP)," said DOF's Director General, Abdulrahman Saleh Al Saleh.

"We are keen to work in accordance with the directives of Sheikh Mohammed, and implement a range of economic and financial incentives and facilities aimed at reducing the cost of conducting business, supporting the registered companies in the emirate and attracting new investments."

- The first incentive initiative is to pay the dues of SMEs that supply services and goods to government agencies within 30 days instead of 90 days, provided that the payment period is only within 10 days for the members of Dubai SME.

According to the initiative, the government will set a classification of the SMEs entitled to receive their dues within 30 days. The initiative is expected to provide SMEs with additional liquidity of Dh1.6 billion per annum.

- The second initiative involves reducing the value of primary insurance for SMEs to the range of 1-3 per cent instead of 2-5 per cent, in order to encourage them to continue supplying to government agencies. Under this initiative, the minimum primary insurance was reduced from Dh40 million to Dh20 million, which involves 80 per cent of SMEs, while the maximum primary insurance was reduced from Dh100 million to Dh60 million, which involves 20 per cent of the establishments.

This initiative too aims to provide greater liquidity for SMEs, while ensuring greater opportunities for them to participate in procurement to government agencies.

- The third economic incentive initiative is on final insurance for SMEs' performance at government projects. This initiative involves the reduction of the final insurance rate, known as "performance insurance", from 10 per cent to five per cent on all supplies. Under this initiative, the Government of Dubai intends to prepare a classification of SMEs entitled to the performance insurance reduction.

This initiative is expected to increase the value of the retrieved final insurance from classified enterprises, which account for 70 per cent of the total SMEs, up to Dh100 million over a shorter period of time.

The fourth initiative of economic incentive initiatives focuses on allocating five percent of government capital projects to SMEs. Aimed at members of Dubai SME, the initiative will encourage enterprises to develop their business, enter into major projects contracts with government agencies and form alliances to compete for government projects.

The allocation of five percent of government capital projects to SMEs allows them to get projects worth of up to Dh400 million.

The fifth initiative is the allocation of projects worth Dh1 billion to the PPP, in order to attract the private sector investments, raise the government service quality and reduce the burden on the budget.

This initiative will ensure the optimal utilisation of Law No. 22 of the year 2015 on Public-Private Partnership, as well as the implementation of projects planned by government agencies on time, in line with the Dubai 2021 Plan.

  • Ankit Sharma
  • |
  • 06/Mar/2019
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