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Welcome to M AL ALI AUDITING; Experts in auditing services; we constitute a long team of auditing experts and professionals who are in the same field while serving the World from the last several successful years. Auditing is a concept of assisting and makes the companies familiar about how best they can focus on varied segments of capital management, internal auditing, accounting assistance, ISO certification services, finance and control management, stock audit and many more. We are expert in providing complete solutions to your esteem company from all possible segments that helps you in updating your company's value and support you while achieving the business goals that are consistent with your company objectives that are also compatible with national and international legal regulations as well.

Established in 2010, with remarkable Audit & Business consultancy services in UAE & India with different types of auditing including statutory audit, stock audit and internal audit. Credible, loyal, reliable and precisely are the values that have made long term strong relations with our clients and consultants.

Our Expertise: Practice Areas

Our expertise team of consultants is well versed with how to analyses the needs of one business and what make it authentic and nurture. We are perfect in designing the corporate guidelines and implement the policies on the above matters in order to achieve the great heights of success on the behalf of our clients. We too offer company incorporate services while preparing and submitting all legal documents and forums to the concern authorities. Besides these; we also assist in project reporting in varied business environment.

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Why People Choose Us

Easy to Talk

We are people’s people; easy to approach, friendly and easy to do business with.

On time Delivery

We understand the value of our customer time and thus, always dedicated to deliver the qualitative services on time.

High customer Satisfaction

The Huge Satisfaction level of our clients speaks volume about the quality of services rendered by our team. Our team’s passion in giving our client an unprecedented experience of working with us can easily be seen by our client’s growth and satisfaction.

Round the clock

Our Team of Accountants has so much passion to serve and flexible enough to support the client even at the odd hours of the day, thus, we are available round the clock to assist our client.

Qualitative Performance

The quality of our work speaks the volume of our dexterity. By Associating with our team of professionals, our client can get the account related work done by an expert and they can easily focus on other aspect of their business without worrying about the quality of the accounting work.

Our Best Services

VAT Services

At M AL ALI AUDITING, we are continuously looking for avenues to assimilate value added knowledge

Audit and Assurance

Under the audit and assurance our major role is to held with internal and management auditing along with assisting in preparing of.

Accounting Services

Welcome to the accounting cell of M Al Ali Auditing that serves you with the best of accounting services for all types of businesses.

Company Formation

As we all know, company is a group of people that decide to carry same business under an agreed manner. There are different forms.

Financial Management Consultancy

Finance is the basic need of every business that used to buzz over the corporate tasks and business activities. Whether it is small.

Business Valuation

In every stage of business it is very essential to have accurate and exact business valuation in order to plan accordingly.

Project Report and Feasibility Study

Carrying a business in this highly rigorous corporate world plan with due care in respect of investment. Growth of business.

ISO Certification

ISO - International Standardized Organization that offer the label of standard and quality to the respective companies. There are varied rules.


Professional, Auditor & Business Advisors

Thus, if you are looking for auditing experts or professionals who can make business strategies in respect of accounting management, financial analysis, finance control, business valuation and for ISO concepts can contact us at



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M Al Ali Auditing : Audit & Business Consultancy Services in UAE & India

Our Experts Team

Mahesh kumar Goyal
Chartered Accountant (EX)

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Email: auditing@consultmaaa.com
Mr. Ahmed Yousif Ali Ramadhan
CEO Founder

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Email: ahmed@malaliauditing.com
Munish Goyal
C.A., C.S. & CWA

Munish Goyal, who plays a vital role as a managing partner in M Al Ali Auditing Read More

Email: mg@malaliauditing.com
Poojan Mahesh Kumar
Chartered Accountant

Poojan Mahesh Kumar plays a key role as managing partner and a qualified Read More

Email: poojan@consultsmga.com

News and Updates

Total bank deposits in UAE drop, but money in circulation grows: central bank data

Dubai: The UAE Central Bank monthly bulletin for the month of January showed an increase in both money in circulation and long-term deposits. However, short-term deposits decreased when compared with December figures.

The 0.1 per cent increase in coins and money in circulation, to reach Dh486 billion at the end of January 2019, followed a Dh600 million increase in currency in circulation outside banks, the bulletin carried by WAM said.

Long-term deposits also increased by 0.05 per cent to Dh1.60 trillion at the end of last month due to an increase in government deposits.

However, short term deposits fell 0.2 per cent due to a Dh3.3 billion reduction in near money. Short-term deposits reached Dh1,31 trillion at the end of last January compared to a month earlier.

“During January 2019, total bank deposits fell by Dh1 billion, due to Dh0.1 billion and Dh0.9 billion decreases in resident deposits and non-resident deposits, respectively,” the bulletin said.


  • Ankit Sharma
  • |
  • 20/Feb/2019
Dubai Exports unveils 'Exporters Gateway'

Dubai Exports has launched the 'Exporters Gateway,' a knowledge platform that provides vital economic and trade data for the UAE and Dubai as well as information on the most sought-after UAE products.

The launch of the digital platform is part of the Gulfood 2019 exhibition, and one of a series of initiatives Dubai Exports seeks to implement as part of diversifying its services and exploring new channels that increase export capabilities of local companies and enable them to successfully compete in foreign markets.

Saed Al Awadi, CEO of Dubai Exports, said: "The Exporters Gateway aims to promote exports from the UAE while also enhancing export competitiveness and the quality of the exporter services we provide. The portal features a range of innovative technical solutions and digital content, which will complement our efforts to boost exports and the growth of our national enterprise in international markets."

The portal will enable exporters to search for and identify opportunities across seven key sectors in more than 40 target markets globally. "Currently, the portal lists more than 60 products in which our local exporters have a competitive edge across the global markets targeted," said Al Awadi.

The portal is particularly advantageous to exporters in overcoming major challenges in marketing their product, searching for partners, selecting the ideal partner, and estimating the export costs, said Abdul Rahman Al Omari, director of Exports Market Development in Dubai Exports, adding that exporters can hence easily navigate the export process and markets.

"Dubai Exports seeks to help our local companies to grow and enhance their overseas trade, and accordingly we continue to deliver services and initiatives that keep them abreast of emerging trends in global consumer behaviour. The Exporters Gateway will increase business development opportunities for local companies and eliminate many obstacles that our manufacturers and exporters often face in their target markets."



  • Ankit Sharma
  • |
  • 19/Feb/2019
Food delivery? VAT compliance should be on the menu

Getting food at your doorstep using technology could have never been imagined until the tech giants like Uber, Zomato and more recently Talabat and Careem have made it possible. Simply using fingers on customer friendly apps, one can now conveniently anytime during the day order food that will be delivered to your office or home.

Online food delivery apps typically work on the aggregator model where various restaurants are aggregated on the digital platform that allows customers to choose the restaurant and place the order. The order is passed to the restaurant that cooks the food and the app staff gets it delivered at the customer's doorstep.

The food delivery apps earn income from various sources - delivery fee charged from customers, a commission from restaurants, premium listing fee from restaurants to list them on the app and third-party ad revenue through Google ads. Each source of revenue needs a close look to ensure its appropriate taxability.

The areas of attention for apps are more on identifying who's the supplier of food & delivery and whether they are two separate supplies or one composite supply. Typically, the apps only act as pure delivery service providers obliged to account for VAT on the delivery fee. The VAT treatment may differ where food is simply picked up from the restaurant and delivered to the customer vis-à-vis where the app buys and store food packets to ensure faster delivery to the hungry customers during peak hours.

In the first situation, delivery fee from customers and commission from restaurants are taxable supplies. In the second situation, the app will have to account for VAT on the supply of food and its delivery to customers but simultaneously also be eligible to reclaim the VAT paid to the restaurant on the purchase of the food packets.

The VAT may still apply under the deemed supply provisions where the food bought by the app could not be sold but consumed internally by its staff. If VAT paid to the restaurant was recovered, there would be an obligation to account for VAT on the value of food unsold.

To entice customers hook on to the app, various promotional schemes are launched. A customer may be given a Dh50 voucher redeemable against the order to reduce his cash payout. The app will pass on the discount from its own income. Correct accounting for discounts, VAT and its appropriate reflection on the invoice is important. The VAT position will be different where the customer is given a voucher not sponsored by the app, rather by a third party. It is important to structure the transactions properly to avoid any VAT dispute later.

Separately, the customers may also be given freebies when the order value exceeds a threshold. This can be a free dessert etc. The app would typically ask the restaurant to pack the freebie along with the order and later pay the restaurant for the value of the freebie. Similarly, some apps also make the orders free of cost should the food is not delivered within a specified time. Whether supply of a freebie or making the food free qualify as a deemed supply and subject to VAT should be analysed.

The apps also earn revenue from placing adverts. The UAE VAT law considers online advertisements as a supply of electronic services subject to VAT based on their use and enjoyment in the UAE. It is critical to analyze the contract with the clients, their location and the location of the target audience. The app's client may be located outside the UAE, but the adverts are targeted for the UAE audience to increase revenue for the client's UAE based restaurants. Will this be considered a zero-rated supply (since the client does not have a presence in the UAE) or should it be subject to the standard rate of VAT since the use and enjoyment of the advert happens in the UAE. It is important the app is able to demonstrate legally the actual place of use and enjoyment of the adverts for appropriate VAT treatment.

Issuance and delivery of the tax invoice is mandatory in the VAT law. The app should issue a tax invoice to the customers and ensure it is delivered. It has been observed generally, the app emails a payment summary to the customer that captures the value of food plus the delivery fee and VAT on it. The food invoice is issued by the restaurant and delivered by the app staff to the customer. The app should also issue and deliver a separate simplified tax invoice to the customer for the delivery fee. Non-delivery of this invoice will be considered a non-compliance of the VAT law. Where the delivery fee is fixed, the amount of VAT on it should be considered inclusive. The VAT amount, however, needs to be shown clearly on the invoice.

The online delivery concepts are fairly new and the tax authorities across the globe are increasingly finding it challenging to tax them. Because of different business models prevalent, identifying and putting a tax treatment on every transaction becomes a task. It is critical for businesses to be vigilant on how the contracts are structured and ensure no transaction goes unnoticed by their tax team.



  • Ankit Sharma
  • |
  • 18/Feb/2019
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